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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Apple juice

An apple a day is good for us in so Many Ways its Hard keep Count. Helps keep our skin from wrinkling and apple consumption appears to promote hair growth. In addition, Antioxidants in apples are protective against cardiovascular disease and cancer development. Our cells can be harmed by free radicals, but antioxidant compounds can reduce the damage and lesson the likelihood that disease will ensue. Apples are the health-imparting food. We deteriorate with age. Our motor skills degenerate. We have trouble remembering things. Consumption of diets high in antioxidants helps reduction in aging-related mental and physical degeneration. Oxidative stress (high incidence of free radicals) has been associated with such disease as diabetic polyueuropathy (nerve damage in diabetics) and cardiomyopathy (heart muscle damage). It is noted that diets containing selected high- antioxidant foods actually reversed declines in particular physiological functions associated with adding-related mental deterioration; Apples also have flavonoid antioxidants, including catechins and quercetin, to add to their beneficial potency. Apples significantly down regulate an age-related inflammatory response in the brain that is thought to contribute to deterioration in mental processes. Numerous studies over the past quarter century have to shown that a diet rich in apples can help lower blood cholesterol. Pectin, a soluble fiber found in apples, is thought to play a significant role in that relationship. A very moderate intake of apple juice has the potential to reduce risk factors for heart disease in a fairly short period of time. These small diet changes might play an important role in a heart diet.

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