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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jump by Kruti Bhatt

Jordan, a young man stood on top of an office building looking over the city. The sun was setting over the horizon changing the sky from blue to pink. Stars were just now being able to be seen, barley, but they were still there. The air was cool, making it the perfect time to be outside.
Jordan shoved his hands in his pockets as he heaved a heavy sigh. He looked up towards the sky and then looked to the side at the park trees as if he were ashamed to look up at the heavens. He closed his saddened green eyes and lowered his head letting his brown bangs cover his face.
Life was unfair, he knew. His mother had told him that when he was younger and had not gotten his way. It wasn't until he was older he realized she was talking about the whole world, more specific her own
"Why am I here? What am I doing?" He let out a dry laugh as he questioned himself. He knew why he was here and found it weird of him to be asking questions he already knew the answer to. Better questions were why his mother had to pass away and why his life had to fall apart? He sighed. Perhaps, he knew the answers to those as well.
Why did life have to be so hard? Sure, it keeps it interesting, but there were other ways to make life interesting and have people happy. He wondered about life after death and where his mother had gone, heaven or hell. He felt like a lost puppy.
He jumped slightly hearing the door to the roof open. He let go of a breath he purposely held when he saw a girl around the same age as him standing with her back to the door.
An angel, he thought, That was the first thought that crossed his mind as his eyes rested upon her. She looked, dare he think, adorable in faded ripped blue jeans and a baby blue tank top. Her blond hair was pulled back in a bun and her eyes...her baby blue eyes showed him what she really was.
A broken angel, Her eyes were filled with such sorrow as his was. His head tilted slightly as he realized the expression on her face. Her face showed sadness, yet shock and fear at the same time. She sighed almost silently looking away the shock and fear disappearing from her face leaving nothing but her sadness.
"Could you move?" She whispered the only emotion in her voice was the same as the one on her face. "I would like to..." She tried to say it as if she was not ashamed of what she wanted to do. Her head lowered even more showing him she was. Truth be told, she felt more shame in what she was doing now, then any other thing she done in her life.
"Jump," He finished for her. She looked up at him before quickly averted her eyes towards the trees behind him. She wondered if he was judging her. She soon realized it didn't matter and started walking towards the edge. He noticed she was only wearing socks and her toes were fidgeting in them. He wondered what had happened to her that would make her want to do this, something that made her seem so uncomfortable
"Are you going to stop me...?" She asked looking at the sun that was barley able to be seen. He looked at her and then at the sun. He thought about it for a moment. Would he stop her? He wasn't really sure. Did he have a right too? After all, he was up here ready to take his own life as she was hers.
"I don't see any reason to." He told her. He saw her lower her head form the corner of his eye and began to regret his words until she spoke.
"Good," Her voice cracked slightly as tears came to the corners of her eyes. He stared out staring, but not really seeing the colors of the sky. He thought of what his mother would want him to do. He turned to her, taking his hands out of his pockets. He took a step towards her making her take a step back and wrap her arms around herself in a protective way. Her eyes closed in fear as he reached his hand out slowly towards her only to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear that had escaped her bun. Finally, not being able to take it, she fell to her knees and let her long awaited tears fall.
Jordan found himself falling down on his knees as well. He watched her cry for a moment before wiping her tears away. She just stayed up at him in wonder.
"An angel, such as you, should not be crying." He told her. Her mouth opened slightly, confused by his words. Anger soon grasped and squeezed her heart. She drew her hand up and slapped him across his face.
"You don't know me," She said, "Don't call me an angel. I'm far from it." She said anger hanging on to every word.
"No," He told her making her anger subside, and her confusion come back, "You are an angel. Perhaps, a broken angel, but an angel nonetheless," Her eyes filled with tears once more as she clung tightly to his shirt and cried into his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and brought her even closer to him as his own tears began to fall.
"What is your name?" He whispered as their tears began to calm. She pulled back slightly and rubbed her eyes to get ride of any tears. She lowered her head ashamed of the answer.
"Angel," She whispered making him smile,
"You look like one," He told her, "And you should feel like one," Confusion covered her face again.
"An angel is supposed to help people. Make people feel better." She told him trying to force her new tears back. He let out a laugh, that was more alive then the rest.
"You did do that," He told her with a small smile. She smiled back as she tucked another strand of hair behind her ear.
What's yours?" She asked, realizing she didn't know his.
"Jordan," He told her,
"Jordan," She whispered setting her head back into his chest as the sun finally set completely, the last rays of the sun leaving them, but not before knowing they would be warm, in each others arms.
- By Kruti Bhatt

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Secret about guys that girls should know

Search for the right type of guy is a tricky business. The guy who touches the heart is worth living with for a lifetime. But it is difficult to find such a guy among the Generation-X. To make the job easier for girls,15 secrets about guys are cited.

Finding the right guy indeed a tricky business. When even a proclaimed faithful like David Beckham can bend easily to a Rebecca or a Sarah and who knows how many more, and then what would the lesser mortals belonging to Generation-X do? Do guys come with ISI marks? IS there any Einstein or Freud working on gadgets to measure the sincerity of guys in a relations? Certainly this job of knowing whether the guy who touches the heart is worth living with for a lifetime is becoming difficult. To make the job easier, her are offered 15 secrets about guys that a girl must know read them apply them to your guy-in-love and decide.

Y Guys will do anything just to get the girl’s attention: So don’t get carried away. They like watching girls because it is their biggest pastime. They admire girls even if they‘re not that much pretty. And the next step in line is to get respond to them, it is just the feel-good factor t ensure that they are attractive enough for the girls. So don’t slip away your ground at the mere gimmicks shown only to attach you.
Y If a guy praises you to your face, don’t take it in face value: Guys are generally fun-loving and are pleased to see how they can make you believe their words. So don’t believe them if they say they can’t sleep without hearing your voice on the phone or can’t live without seeing you, etc. A guy interested in a serious relationship would use these dialogues selectively only at times when he thinks really need to tell you would believe him in return, Such a guy when he says like that, would have really meant that. But that takes some time into a serious relationship.
Y For guy’s chemistry is not necessary connected to beauty: Yes, it is something else. In fact, the way the girl presents herself attracts the guy to enter into a serious relationship than her efforts at the beauty parlor. The girl’s smile is the first missile that blows him off, and then it is about how she conducts herself in groups and in person. Generally, guys like to flirt but they don’t like flirts.
Y If a guy tells you he loves you one in a life time, he really does: Because no guy says so easily “I Love You” to a girl. But when he says he means it. He may be flirting around with so many, but would have special with so many, but would have special feelings for a special girl who he cannot forget. And if you happen to be that special friend, who doesn’t want to respond to him, then don’t expect him to give up. His entire life goal from then on will be to make you accept him. He will give up only when he comes to know that some other guy has successes in this application to you.
Y Rejection is the biggest nightmare for guys: they don’t accept defeat so easily, particularly If they have had a relationship with a girl for quite some time. They will keep trying to get your approval despite the “no” you have said. If they hear you say: no: they would actually hear it : not now.” So they will keep trying. See what happens with Beckham. He may have dated different times, but would be quick enough to seek pardon from his wife. If Victoria turns “spicy” enough to reject him, he is sure to break. Rejection by the girl is something the guys cannot bear. This brings out the next secret about guys that they do cry!
Y Guys cry: When something goes amiss in a relationship, guys are equally affected as girls. But it is better to let hi m off if he really proves unworthy in a relationship. That is the way guys learn to behave, it is experience and rejection that make them Mature and well-behaved. So let him cry to learn better. But if a guy cries in front of the girl in an otherwise normal relation. It is better to listen to him. He may be having a genuine reason to cry that the girl must certainly listen to. Because, as a generally rule, guys don’t cry in front of his lady love, unless otherwise there is a strong reason.
Y They always begin the conversation as though they were meteorologists: yes, a guy willing to hook you up for a serious relationship will talk about everything else but his heart. His favorite opener is the weather report. Then he will continue with everything that he will continue with everything that sounds inconsequential from your point of view. Only when you show signs of bidding goodbye, does he start speaking about his heart. You know guys are poor starters!
Y He that lets you go is the one really in love with you: NO guy would like to antagonize the girl he loves. Your guy will tease you, bully you, rag you but would be carefully enough to see that he doesn’t overdo. The moment he senses that you are really agonized, he would let you go, but only after making sure that you understand him to be only in his playful best. In the absence of real filmi villains in life, this is his way of showing that he really cares for you teasing you first you first cajoling you.
Y He that stammers in front of you is the cupid-struck: Guys put up a lackluster performance in the first encounters with the girl-in-love. Phone talks do a lot of good to them than face-to-face encounters. They would rather mouth some boring world news than speak up what they intended to say, mainly to get over the stammer. So, go easy on them if they stammer and lose the way.
Y Guys are good at listening but poor at understanding: They put up a good face as thought they are good listeners. But they alone can tell what they had been listening your words or voice or something else? if you want to convey something say clear It and ask for feedback. That is one way to make sure that he is indeed listening to you. Don’t strain your mind to find novel ways of expressing your thoughts Sign language also would do no good, as guys are said to understand very few signs which girls need not bother to know until they marry! So. If you have anything to say, you have to say in clear terms. Even if it is “I love you” you have to say so. Because UN till and unless you say no, he would not understand. The guy would only be steeped in doubts even if his heart tells him that you love him.
Y But they need to be listened to: In fact, a guy is ready to rely on his girlfriend than on another guy, to solve his problems. They hate to say that they need your advice, but the guy would expect you to listen to him, advise him to bail him out of his problems. In the end he won’t even thank you for the advice and can manage on his own. But he will do exactly the way you have advised. So girls, know this superiority sense in your guy and use it to your advantages. As guys can be easily bowled over by intelligent talk, it is possible for an intelligent girl to plant her Ideas in him and get them executed!
Y Guys love their moms: And they like girls who are like their moms. The generation X girl looking for a serious relation with such a guy need not worry about his mom. Recent studies have shown that the mom loves the girl more because her son loves the girl. And since the son sees the girl in his mom’s image, he is sure to possess the tenderness that he used to show to his mom. For instance, the girl can expect him to have some expertise in culinary because that is one area the guy would have excelled to help his mom. The mom too in turn is likely to reduce the household chores of the girl as a way of pleasing he son. Anyway, good luck girls!
Y Guys in a serious relationship tend to become Possessive: So no use accusing him If he tells flat to your face not to talk to your boyfriend. Guys in a serious relationship tend to become protective and jealous, and would do everything under their power to keep your other boyfriends off. The guy would also be watchful enough to keep you off potential problems. But is certainly dependable
Y Guys have obsession about their hairstyle: So make an adverse remark about his hairstyle only if you want to turn him off! Guys may even go without a proper dress-sense, but never without a “hair-sense” they are the Samsons whose secret of energy and charm are locked up with their hair locks or the absence of them! They may even show up in muddy shoes that were probably nit in use for years. But hair is something special. For a good many of them, their sex appeal lies in their hairstyle.
Y Guys hang around only as it is fruitful: This is one crucial fact that girls must watch out. The generation X guys are more social, as they have no qualms about reeling out sweet talks too any girl who is willing to listen to them. As long as the girl allows him space, the guy will hang around. If she chooses to ignore him or shows interest elsewhere, he will have all the ease to move away. So girls, if you are serious about a guy, for heaven’s sake, don’t ever make him that you are not interested. But if the guy truly gets involved with a girl, he would leave no stone unturned to reveal his mind. His socializing with other girlfriends would anyway continue but his girl-in-love always be in his mind. This is a dis-quieting habit of guys. Unless the boy come age with reference to this habit, it is very difficult for him not make his girl, now his mistress, throw tabs as well as tantrums at him at the slightest popping of suspicion. Victoria Beckham Failed to see this secret and the Real Madrid Me Clean succumbed in them for both guys and girls!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Don't have time to hit the GYM

Don’t Have the time to hit the gym? No worries here’s what you need to do. LOWER BACK : If your job requires you to stand most of the day, the best way to relax the lower back is by sitting, after short intervals, stretch your back by bending forward and touching your toes.
ABS : Having a strong abdomen helps protect the back. Try and contract the abdominal muscles throughout the day as you work.
KNEES : straighten the lower leg as if you kicking ball. Feel the muscles in the front of the thigh contracting. This will help you to protect the knees. .
CALVES : Take off your shoes and place both hands against a wall. Place the right leg in front and extend the left leg behind you. Both legs should be at least two to three feet apart. Bend the knee forward and keep your back leg straight. .
FEET AND ANKLES : point and flex your feet several times, while sitting an a chair Move your feet clockwise and counter clockwise several times.... .
SHOULDERS AND NECK : This can be done while standing or sitting. Rotate the shoulders from front to back to front. Stretch your arms try touching your fingers.......
WINTER DAYS W ITH SKIN SKIN : The winter chill can wreak home havoc on the skin, particularly around the eyes and lips. To start with, switch to a heavier moisturizer if you have dry skin and check that it does not clog the pores. Sensitive skin needs particular attention. Use the moisturizer around the eyes and lips before applying make-up which is drying, despite what cosmetic giants claim. It offers the added bonus of keeping the make-up in place. The skin under the eyes needs special care, being prone wrinkle and fine lines. Simple tips like applying pure almond oil around the eyes and massaging gently for one minute, Using the ring finger helps reduce dark circles. Leave it on for 15 minutes an wipe off with moist cotton wool, for best results, Alternatively, cucumber juice mixed with potato juice in equal quantities, applied around the eyes for 15 minutes, at any time of the day, works wonders. La prairie’s cellular Revitalizing Eye gel and Shaahnaz Husain’sShamilk lotion are also great options. But the most important thing you can do for your skin is continue using sun block. Misty skies don’t stop harming ultraviolet rays from attacking the skin. If you have a time crunch use a combination of daily moisturizer and sun block 1.Soak your feet in warm water and exotic crystals. 2. Apply almond oil under the eyes to remove dark circles 3. Don’t forgot the sun block lotion before you head out. 4. A traditional oil massage works to keep hair looking lustrous. 5. Apply a heavier moisturizer as the weather can leave the skin dry and patchy. 6. Dramatic make-up fits in with the festival mood of the reason. .
BODY As summer makes way for foggy mornings and cold wind, the skin can get rough. The best way to combat it is a combination of exfoliation and hydration. Take a cup of olive oil or any other vegetarian oil that suits your skin and add coarse sea salt flakes till the oil is full of it. Use this mixture to scrub off dead skin cells from the neck down in gentle circular movements, before a bath. As you exfoliate, the oil acts as an emollient to ensure that skin is protected and hydrated. Switching to cream based soap is also a good idea for dry skin. And after a bath. Apply body lotion before power to keep the skin well moisturized. .
FEET : Feet take the brunt of stress and have many pressure points that connect to the vital nerve centre in the body. A professional reflexology massage, one a week works wonders to distress, but if you are pressed for time, give your feet the attention they need at home. Fill a tub with warm water, dissolve exotic bath crystals in it an pop in 10 to 15 marbles. The rubbing sensation stimulates the nerves while the warm crystals relax the feet Before going to bed, apply a dab of body lotion and you can hold cracked soles at bay. .
HAIR : There is nothing like a weekly oil massage to keep the locks lustrous. Add a quarter measure of olive, castor or almond oil to coconut oil before warming it. Apply it on the scalp and leave it on for least half an hour. This hair the nutrition it needs particularly in dry weather. .
GROOMING : With festivities underway you can get away with dramatic make up, but keep the brighter shades fie the evening. In the office, opt for a deeper shade of lipstick that will work wonders ti cheer up a chilly day


Honey with its countless benefits from head to toe doesn’t deserve to be just labeled as an old fashioned and “un cool” food to eat….this natural sweetner is truly a wonder; so precious and magical that till date it’s the only constant factor between health and beauty.
Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, realized honey’s healing powers in the 1st century BC and prescribed it regularity to his patients for conditions such as skin disorders, sores, ulcer, respiratory ailments and fever, the physicians of Rome, prescribed honey to their patients who had trouble sleeping and even today, we might have a glass of warm milk sweetened with honey to help ensure a restful night.
Modern science now acknowledge honey as an anti-microbial agent, which means it deters the growth of certain types of bacteria, yeast and molds,Research has shown that unlike most others sweeteners, honey contains small amounts of a wide array of vitamins, minerals amino acids and antioxidants which are the necessity for every human body.A rich source of carbohydrates present in honey provides a quick of energy required by the.
THE BENEFITS OF HONEY ARE WELL KNOWN A regular taken a mixture of organic cider vinegar in a glass of hot water every morning for years. Not only is it a very pleasant warming drink but also it gives you the energy that you cannot get from your morning tea or coffee.
However did you know a mixture of honey and cinnamon can help cure many disease in adults?
HONEY FOR ARTHRITIS Paste of one part honey to two parts warm water with a small teaspoon of cinnamon powder added can be rubbed onto the afficted joints of the body and massaged in , this reduced the pain within a minutes or two.A cup of hot water with two spoonfuls of honey and one spoonful of cinnamon powder taken morning and night is said to cure chronic arthritis if taken regularly. .
INDEGESTION Cinnamon power sprinkled on 2 tablespoons of honey, taken before food, relieves acidity and helps digest the heaviest of meals. .
CANCER, CHOLESTEROL & HEART DISEASE A paste of honey and cinnamon powder spread onto bread instead of jam and eaten regularly reduces cholesterol and can prevent heart attacks. Research has revealed that advanced cancer of the stomach and bones can be alleviated if a mixture of 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder is taken 3 times a day for 3 months.The Medical value of honey is seen to be increasing day after day. More and more researchers are now turning up to be increasing day after day. More and more researchers are now turning up to the evidence that honey can be trusted a real healer of lifestyle disease and the best part is that the healing is going to be natural . So Honey, eat honey and stay healthy

Food for Insomnia

Worried about getting back the hourglass figure after childbirth? Sleep off the anxiety and shed the extra kilos. Two extra hours of sleep could be all it takes to get back into shape, say researches at Harvard Medical School, UK. New mothers with six-month old babies, who were sleeping for five hours or less, were three times more likely to carry an extra 11 pounds at their baby’s first birthday than mothers who scheduled in seven hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation triggers hormonal changes that make women more hungry and prone to snacking. End result? Weight gain and obesity. On the plus side, a healthy diet and exercise and you can kiss the kilos goodbye.

Soya Belly

Hitting the gym and skipping meals to shed the pot belly? One Soya-based drink a day could be the secret to slash the amount of fat that accumulates around the stomach and shed the jiggly middle. The study published in the journal fertility and Sterility, USA is particular good news for older women who pile on the kilos menopause. Soya has also got the thumbs up for cutting the risk of heart disease and diabetes by reducing abdominal fat. Big bellies also increase the risk of hardening of the arteries, angina and heart for the Soya milk in the supermarket

Sky Babies

The biological clock may be ticking along happily, but having a baby before 20 is bad news. It makes women prone to chronic disease and raise their risk of deatt by1.42 times, compared to peers who had babies post 20. The study published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, USA, found that the results are connected to the smaller nest egg that young single women with children manage status and chances of eventually typing the knot. Higher rates of heart disease and cancer also seen to dog the lives of women who have children pre-20, according to researchers.

Perfect Posture

It’s great way to get a toned body, reduce stress and improve flexibility, but yoga has got the thumbs up to need mote than that. It’s also just what the doctor ordered to hit the fast track to recovery after treatment for breast cancer, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and boost the energy levels of menopausal women. A study by scientists at Duke University of California, San Francisco, also found that menopausal women practicing yoga had a 30% decrease in hot flushes, less anxiety and sexual discomfort. And as if the list weren’t exhaustive enough, people with depression had a 27% improvement in their mood, according to the Boston university school of Medicine, USA.

Bar Drinks

Hitting the bar and tossing back more than three drinks a day is bad news foe women. It ups the risk of breast cancer by a whopping 30%. And that holds good for any type of drink-beer, wine or spirits. Researches of Kaiser Permanente, a leading health plan organization in California, USA also found that puffing away on apck or more of cigarettes a day is related to a similar increased risk of breast cancer by 30%. The trigger for breast cancer is the ethyl alcohol content found in all types of drink, says Arthur Klatsky, one of the researches. Women who quaffed between one and two alcoholic drinks a day increased their risk of breast cancer by 10% compared with those who consumed less than one drink each day. Another good reason to give the bottle a miss.

Worker bees

Conscientiousness works. And in more ways than getting a promotion. It’s also just the thing to stave off Alzheimer’s By negating risk factors like getting hooked cigarettes or binding on alcohol. Conscientiousness has got the thumbs up for a life with a lower risk of dementia. According to research by the Rush University medical Centre in Chicago, USA, people low in the conscientious trait are twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease.

Drinkers ar Risk

Downing tequila shots isn’t the 20-somethings forte. It’s the 40 plus women who toss back six units of alcohol on one bout of binge drinking, unlike men who reach their alcohol peak in their 20s. An alarming 20% of all women also indulged in a drinking bout which put them at risk of injury. Research at Cardiff University UK, also found that the stereotypical binge drinking groups- students, younger drinkers and the unemployment- are not the most “at risk” for heavy drinking.

Money Rules

Trashing the stereotype that men are better managers of the two sexes, women have an edge when it comes to saving the pennies, A definitive 70% of British women say they are able to stick to a prearranged budget, versus 68% of men according to research carried out by Engage Mutual Assurance. Women also win hands down when it comes to tucking away a healthy sum in a saving account.